Smart Leader Holdings Limited, a team formed by technical and business professionals who are passionate about wireless technology strives for the excellence. As a subsidiary company of Schmidt Electronics Group, we started as an authorized distributor of Sierra Wireless. After years of hard working & professionalism, we have won the trust of customers, Smart Leader has the honour to be the number one distributor of Sierra Wireless globally in 2013. 

Smart Leader started small but dream big. We have been continuously developed our business and technical skills to provide the best service to our customers. We are a service provider providing the following services.

  • Reference designs and prototypes to shorten development time and hence time to market.
  • Consultation for product development.
  • Cost reduction review

In the past years, we have gained great success in expanding our customer base in different segments.

  • Consumer electronics such as personal locator beacons (PLB), tablets, laptop computers, and routers.
  • Industrial products such as industrial computers, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), vehicle DVR, router/AP, POS systems, tracking system, car PC, and IPC.

Due to the inherent complexity of wireless communication, being professional agents with experience and technical capabilities in this field gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. Our excellent reputation in professional services for wireless communication earns us strong trust and loyalty from our business relationship with customers.